Welcome to Graphics By Jacqueline

Welcome to Graphics By Jacqueline

Welcome to Graphics By JacquelineWelcome to Graphics By JacquelineWelcome to Graphics By Jacqueline

Celebrating 22 years of Designer Excellence!

If YOU can imagine it ...

Whether it's deciding to adopt a new nonprofit logo or building a new website; you can enjoy the convenience of having a Designing   Consultant without the added burden of payroll taxes  when you contract with Graphics by Jacqueline. I can create a design to fit most needs. I have earned the reputation of being intuitive as well as innovative. If YOU can imagine ...

A graphics designing company that puts your thoughts into creations...

Consider, you operate a new small business. You want to make a good impression on potential clients. Because of budget constraints, you decide to create your own logo. You go to Photobucket or some other website that has stock photos. You find a picture or clip art that you think represents your product or service. To your dismay, the finished results look similar to what you saw on another site. Your originality just “flew out the window!” 

Consider using Graphics by Jacqueline. If you have a digital camera, iphone or iPad you can take a picture yourself. Then either upload your photo to the computer or email it directly from your phone or tablet to me. It’s even possible to use your stock photo. I will ask you a series of questions to ascertain what your present business goals are. Depending on the market you wish to capture, I will recommend the graphics, color scheme and narration needed to successfully attract your target audience. I can even modify your stock photo to make it better. 

Now, your new or present company is attracting all the right people!