All About Me ...


Graphic Designer ...

I am Jacqueline Williamson and I began as an independent contractor in January 1998 making greeting cards for relatives, friends and acquaintances. Others quickly saw the potential and encouraged me to acquire my business license. Graphics by Jacqueline became a graphic sole propriety in 2001.

I know that creating the right image is paramount to the success of every client. It's not just about putting colors on a canvas anymore! Because of advance technology, the paper and pencil have been replaced. Now ... computers, tablets, iPhones and printers supply the resources together with the designer’s expertise.  


Creative Writing …

January 2019, I created a new website that is dedicated to those who enjoy writing. It not only has information on a course in Creative Writing but it also has a link to My HubPage Blog where you can read 200 articles which include: Short Stories Series, Teacher Education Articles, Coping With Stress and many more.

the website is:


Instructional Designer …

As an Instructional Designer,  I provide clients with the highest quality of training and study materials. With a Master of Science in Instructional Design from the University of Memphis (2006) I have created various types of media for both nonprofit and private industry "consumption." Some of my projects include: 

Creative Writing for Seniors

HubPages Blogging

Jackson Pringle Training Manuals

Girls to Women Instructional Guides